Toy World

Toy World,Inc. was founded by David Dunton in 1973 .It is a partnership manufacturing Firm between David Dunton (75% Capital stock) and Jack MC Clinton (25% capital stock) incorporated in 1974.It manufactures toys for children of all age groups .Though Manufacturing toys is the highly competitive business in the market, Toy World,Inc. Maintained a healthy and relatively rapid growth since the business started and enjoyed profits every year since 1976. August to December is the best seasonal period for the demand of toys in the market. This seasonal factor affects the company production schedule which reflects the additional employee’s recruitment, Payment of Overtime wages, Operating full capacity. During Off season the Employees and machinery remain ideal.
In 1993 Dan Hoffman, was appointed as a production manager. He proposed the concept of level of production that estimates the overtime wage cost, extra skilled workers needed and the main concept of the plan is to manufacture toys every month.