The foreign policy of United States aims at building a more democratic

The foreign policy of United States aims at building a more democratic, progressive and secure world for Americans and for worldwide nations. It formulates its foreign policy considering the grounds and factors that are most vital to the national security. Considering the Arab Spring of 2010 following factors should be considered while formulating our foreign policy response.
The most significant factor that should be considered by the United States is that what would be the effect of this uprising on US and its national security. US policy in the Persian Gulf has based on various security objectives and interests. It includes the free flow of resources of energy, attempt at maintaining peace between Israel and its neighbours and stopping any power from becoming a hegemon in the region. So, such a strategy should be formed that not only supports national interests but also promotes democracy in these countries. Another main factor that should be considered is that autocratic governments are not acceptable to the people of Arab. So, US have to enable the democratization in these countries and therefore have to promote the notion that stability is directly linked to the legitimacy of a government.
As far as military intervention is concerned, it should be used when a national interest is at stake. If there is no threat to the US national security military intervention is not required in these countries. However, the situation that calls for military intervention is on humanitarian grounds. The need for humanitarian intervention arises when it is essential to protect the nations from their tyrant government as was in the case of Libya. Another condition that calls for intervention is when we have the fear that a succession would cause further instability and would harm our own national security.
In such a situation, certain effective foreign policy tools should be used by the US government. This situation should be dealt with multilateral democracy. The meetings with the leaders should be arranged and statements about the relationship between countries would be made. Another effective tool that I would employ would be a public relations campaign which would aim at ending the protests and removing threat to Americans. It would encourage the other rulers to cancel the emergency laws, end corruption and give power to representative legal bodies. However the military aid would not be given to the countries who use their military forces to tyrannize the citizens.