Sometime in the recent past

Sometime in the recent
past, people who know how to create and maintain good connections were mocked
in the cinema and the press, calling this phenomenon a prokhindiyad. But this
is a special talent, a special way of life, which is aimed primarily at creating
and promoting; talent, which today is called the fashionable word “networking”.The book “Never
Eat Alone” is not just about how to put many useful phone numbers in your notebook –
it’s about more important: about the desire to help each other, take care of
each other, give more than you get (without expecting nothing in return), making other people happy. This is what Russia really needs today.Conscious isolation on a very narrow
circle of communication leads to the fact that we limit our interests, we lose
our fateful meetings, and after that, new opportunitiesthat could change our lives for the better. Loneliness among people is becoming an
increasing problem for the modern world.I would like to hope that readers,
taking at least a piece of Keita Ferrazzi’s experience, can make their lives
and lives of their loved ones more full and exciting. Perhaps this book will push you to get from the “chest” of consciousness those ideas that you desperately ever realized only because there were
no necessary links.