Our policies and procedures can be found online at www

Our policies and procedures can be found online at www.coopacademies.co.uk. I have researched and will be referring to the policy ‘Staff Code of Conduct (including electronic communications policy)’. This policy details the minimum standards expected from employees, and that you must comply with these standards as they are part of your terms and conditions of your contract of employment. You must keep work life and private life totally separate and make sure your personal like doesn’t not affect your work life in any way. For example if you have a relationship with any other member of staff it would need to be declared and it could not affect any promotions or recruitment processes. You also need to declare any personal benefits that mare occur for example if we hire a contractor to do some work to the car park floor and this person is a member of your family you would need to declare a personal benefit. The policy also details it tolerance on fraud and theft and that it must be reported to the relevant person if you see anything or have any information regarding theft and fraud issues in or out of the workplace. As our workplace is a school, the most important thing is the wellbeing of our students, the policy states we have a duty of care as a member of staff here and about the safe guarding and child protection duties. As a professional setting all the general standards are outlined, dress code, personal appearance, confidentially, use of it systems, equality and discrimination. the use of facility is also talked about and they need to be used in the proper way, for example you should use your printer in the office to print out al you holiday photos as this is not a work related task. Again as my work place is a school staff use of social media is very important, all staff social media accounts need to be set to the highest security levels to ensure pupils cannot contact staff.