Mother’s Day is celebrated on second Sunday of May

Mother’s Day is celebrated on second Sunday of May.Last Sunday,my family and I celebrated Mother’s Day.We had planned about the celebration a week earlier.My mother was kept in the dark about the celebration.We also decided to send my grandmother’s house.
As planned,my father took my mother to our grandmother’s house.I went to bakery to take the cake which we had ordered.Mina,my younger sister had taken it on herself to decorate our house.She also hung a big banner on the wall.On it was written “Happy Mother’s Day!We love you very much,Mum!”
I also stopped at a florist to buy a bouquet for my mother.My second sister who is excellent in culinary arts cooked many mouth-watering delicacies.She also baked mother’s favourite pineapple pie.At about 7.00 p.m.,all the preparation had done.We called our father to take mother back.
We switched off the light when mother enter the house.After my mother entered the house,we switched on the light.My mother was quite surprised with our preparation.A glowing happiness washed over mother’s face when we present our gifts to her.All of us were on cloud nine that day.We had a wonderful day.
Mother’s Day is an important event for us to thank our mother.Mother has sacrificed her time taking care of us.She also did not narrate her sufferings to us.Mother’s Day is the day we can show our appreciation to her.