Boming Jiang Ms

Boming Jiang
Ms. Chow
21 Nov 2017
During people’s everyday life, there are always something driving them moving forwards. For those who achieved Great things or those have been remembered, they always have a very strong motive that spurs their every decision and actions; but, sometimes, one’s obsessed devote to his ultimate can end destructively. In Macbeth by William Shakespeare and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, both protagonists end up tragically as they strive to fulfill their ambition blindly. The protagonist in The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby, is an representation of a individual who cannot move on from his past, and he got so stubborn with his past that his end up died tragically. Macbeth by William Shakespeare that takes place in the 11th centre have shown how one’s decision by his motives can really change his entire life. Although these two books were written in two complete unrelated era, they share many similarities and both displayed the role of ambition in people’s life.