), a manager the best way to provide staffs with information is to ensure that employees regularly attended to the appropriate equality, diversity and inclusion training. I ensured this is also discussed during the team meetings, supervisions and appraisals.
As a manager, I made it possible for individuals in organisation the opportunities and encouraged them to be aware of the company’s procedures and policies to follow for any suspected discrimination or if they feel be discriminated.
It has been noted that discrimination, racism and harassment may have significant impacts on individuals such as; mental and physical consequences, frustrations, anger, stress, anxiety, depression, possible nervous breakdown, high blood pressure which may subsequently cause heart attack.
In addition, the long effects of discrimination in the organisation would be reduced staff motivation, loss of individuals rights, restricted opportunities, limited access to service and mental instability caused by stress.
As a manager, I ensured that employees have access to services, I supported them to develop their self-help skills and to develop on rendering quality and meaningful services. Further I considered the needs of the service users and I designed plans and services to meet up with their needs in order to attain inclusion.
This improves the health and wellbeing of people, reduces discrimination and increases inclusion in the care home.
The value of diversity. A workplace consists of different groups of workers and service users. As a manager, I tried to recognise the differences amongst peoples’ cultural background, religious beliefs, languages, sex and so on.
In solving a problem or challenging issues, I assembled different team with diverse skills and strategized many ways of tackling the problem considering the differences within them. This benefitted the employees, service users and the organisation as a whole.