Asia – Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a leading forum to facilitate economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the countries of the Pacific Rim. APEC Leaders??™ Meeting is held every year in turn in each member. In 2006, the Leaders met in Vietnam and Vietnam has done very well the role of host country. Instead of praise, the author of the article “APEC Meeting: Was Vietnam the Right Place”, Liu Kuan-tei from Taiwan Office of Economic Planning, completely denied the efforts of Vietnam. However, this paper lacks of convincing arguments with unrealistic evidence.

First of all, the writer blamed Vietnam for the plans that have not been implemented. In fact, the leaders must take responsibility for the uncompleted problems, not the host country. The host country is only responsible for preparing to welcome the high-level delegates and making sure that they have the most effective workspace. Besides, Vietnam is also accused of not having a modern infrastructure to serve this international meeting. Meanwhile, the meeting actually requires only a fully equipped meeting room to discuss, negotiate and report. Is it true that the infrastructure of Vietnam does not meet this requirement

In addition, Vietnam was criticized for not having the necessary modern electronic equipment needed as the developed countries. But in reality, the meeting was held successfully without any mistakes in security. All the time that the meeting took place, Vietnamese Government and all people in Vietnam had tried hard to implement laws and regulations to support for the meeting??™s going smoothly. After the meeting, senior representative of Japan said that Vietnam is a beautiful and peace country. The leaders had a great time in Vietnam and returned home safely.

On the other hand, the author believed that the leaders did not truly relax in Vietnam. Firstly, it should be emphasized that this was a work trip, not a vacation one. Secondly, the leaders were welcomed in the most solemn, stayed in the most luxurious hotels and enjoyed the most delicious food. Is not it a truly relaxing Even in another country which is much more developed, the leaders would also receive a similar reception as all the hotels and services that they were served in Vietnam have reached the international standards.

Finally, the author forced Vietnam to take responsibility for the failure of the conference. This is a preposterous because the success or failure of the meeting acctually depends on the leaders who directly operate the meeting, not the place where that meeting took place. If the meeting was held in a place that is more magnificent and sumptuous, it could not be successful without adequate preparation from the leaders.

In conclusion, APEC Meeting was held successfully in Vietnam and this success has been admitted by many countries in the whole world. Vietnam deserves to be commended and the experience from this event has helped Vietnam gained trust on the international market.