The poems: ?????™After Apple Picking??™??™ and ?????™The Road Not Taken??™??™, both by Robert Frost are poems that compare the processes of a journey in a person??™s lifetime. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the meanings of both poems and link them together based on the journey, how phrases from one poem could link it to another, and lastly, what it wants to tell us in the summary of the journey.
The poem ?????™After the Apple Picking??™??™ by Robert Frost, speaks about how after a long day??™s work, he is tired of apple picking. He has felt drowsy and dreamy since the morning when he looked through a sheet of ice lifted from the surface of a water trough. He speaks about his day??™s work as an apple picker. How a single mistake can turn the beautiful apple into a useless piece only fit for different purposes (apple cider). Now he feels tired, feels sleep coming on, but wonders whether it is a normal, end-of-the-day sleep or something deeper. When translated into the present day, this can be used in the scenario of someone dying, thinking of his life??™s journeys. Every apple, representing a choice, can be dropped, and a journey could be altered and negatively affected. He feels dissatisfied on how he missed out on some chances, and wishes he could go back and fix that situation. However, he learns that not every negative will stay a negative. A bad decision could turn out better in another way (bad apples turning into cider) and ends as he says ?????™long sleep as I describe its coming on??™??™ signifying his imminent passing.
The poem ?????™The Road Not Taken??™??™ also by Robert Frost speaks about how he came upon a path that split in the autumn forest, and for an unidentified reason, couldn??™t travel on both paths. Upon thinking for a long period of time, he tried to find the positives and negatives of traveling on either one of the paths. He noticed that one of the paths was a path that wasn??™t often used by travellers, with undergrowth reaching far into the path, and not being used, was ?????™grassy and wanted wear??™??™. The second path was used more often, and Frost comments on it having the ?????™better claim??™??™. However, he frequently backtracks and is indecisive about his decision. After thinking hard, and sleeping with the decision for the night, he returned to see that nobody has taken either path while he was away, and decided to take the road less travelled. He foretells that one day in the future, he would tell this story, where he made the important decision, and how it has ?????™made all the difference??™??™. When translated into the present day, this could signify a person faced with a massive decision in his life. He thoroughly analyses all the decisions, and after thinking, chose the path (or choice) that many in his situation wouldn??™t choose. One day when he looks back, he might think that it is a positive influence or negative influence based on the reader??™s interpretation.
In the ?????™After Apple Picking??™??™ poem by Frost, the word and synonyms of ?????™dreaming??™??™ are used throughout the poem, indicating that the speaker is hallucinating about his day. When hallucinating, he talks about his day, where a dropped apple would mean that it is worthless and only fit for cider, and how he thinks he hasn??™t fulfilled his aim of picking all the apples available, as there are still some still left upon the tree untouched. The speaker talks of a ?????™great harvest I myself desired??™??™ indicating how he had massive ambitions for himself to fulfil, but some eventually fell short, or were never achieved at all. This could be related to the ?????™Road Not Taken??™??™ where Frost was not able to travel on both paths. Originally hoping to travel on both paths and discover them personally, it was not possible, and he was forced to choose. ?????™And sorry I could not travel both??™??™ When making a choice, he has a negative outlook of the journey, as suggested by the quote ?????™I shall be telling this with a sigh??™??™ where he seems to think that he had made a bad choice by choosing this less travelled path. However, he feels that it is either impractical or difficult to backtrack and choose the second path, as suggested by ?????™I doubted if I should ever come back??™??™ signifying how the decision may have already progressed along too far to rectify. The similarities are that in both poems, there are large ambitions that were originally planned by the speaker, which they failed to complete. Some fell short, and some were impractical to start. Both of them also speak about how it was impractical to look back and maybe change fate. In the ?????™After Apple Picking??™??™ poem, talks about his regrets of leaving a few apples on the trees. He feels that although he would have liked to go back and pick them up, it was impractical, and the chance to do so was gone. It is also shown in ?????™Road Not Taken??™??™ where the speaker indicates how it he could ?????™not travel both??™??™ This shows that in the journey, there are many instances where you would wish something different would happen, but normally, it is impractical, and you have to continue with the journey with what you have.
However, in light of the similarities between the two poems, there are also major differences including the tone and message of the pieces. The speaker of the ?????™After Apple Picking??™??™ poem has a negative outlook to his day. He has lowered his expectations down from a large harvest with many apples being picked ?????™There were 10 thousand thousand fruit to touch??™??™ to having only an average haul, with many apples being un-picked, and some damaged and turned into cider. This is to show that however high your expectations and aims are, the cold reality is that only some would be fully completed and passed. Many will fall apart half-way and some just aren??™t practical to even start. However, in the ?????™Road Not Taken??™??™ the speaker thinks that one day in the future, he would tell this story to friends and family, how he took the path that nobody took, and it made the difference in his life ?????™And that has made all the difference??™??™. The difference in the ?????™??™Road Not Taken??™??™ compared to the ?????™After Apple Picking??™??™ is that the speaker is optimistic about his journey. Whereas in the ?????™After Apple Picking??™??™ is filled with regret of not fulfilling his tasks, dreams and ambitions, giving the piece a negative vibe, compared to the ?????™Road Not Taken??™??™ poem, where he seems to enjoy the journey so much that he said ?????™I doubted if I should ever come back??™??™.
In conclusion, both the poems ?????™After Apple Picking??™??™ and ?????™The Road Not Taken??™??™ are both novels written by Robert Frost that depict processes in the journey. They are both similar in the way that both of the speakers in the poem had in the first place, large expectations in their aims, but eventually had to cut down due to impracticality. For example, in ?????™The Road Not Taken??™??™, the speaker wishes to travel both paths and experience the benefits of both. However, it was impractical to do so, therefore, he had to make a choice. And in the ?????™After Apple Picking??™??™ poem, the speaker talks of how he aimed to pic ?????™10 thousand thousand??™??™ apples for the harvest, but eventually ended up with a far shorter load, unpicked apples (which symbolised impractical aims) and dropped/spoilt apples (failed aim or objective). However, both of these poems are also different from each other in the way of the tone. The ?????™Road Not Taken??™??™ poem depicts how the speaker is enjoying the journey, and would look back upon it as an event which had a large and positive influence on his life. The ?????™After Apple Picking??™??™ poem however, is more negative. It talks about regret and unfulfilled dreams and dissatisfaction with his performance in achieving the aims. Thus, both these poems are important in discovering the process of a journey, ranging from the choices, to the overall reflection after the conclusion of the journey.