Analysis of Kudler Fine Foods to Manage or Lead

To Manage or Lead

To Manage or Lead
Kathy Kudler joined a prestigious oligopoly when she created Kudler Fine Foods (KFF.) Currently there is very little competition in the gourmet food and supply market. Without much experience in the business to guider her, she decided that her involvement in every aspect of the business would be very hands on. Even now, Kudler is torn between three KFF locations. At least weekly, she visits each store and serves as the top manager, buyer, ear to the consumer, and inspiration behind the company??™s success. Naturally then, as she hopes to continue to expand the chain with more stores and a dream of joining the cyber arena, her burdens expand right alongside. Kudler will need to give up some of the managerial roles to lead the company to further success.
Possible Solutions
In chapter 2 of ???Understanding business,??? (2008) W. Nickels and coauthors explain that the key to success within this type of market is advertising. According to KFF??™s 2003 financial reports, $263,000 was spent on advertising. Without extensive research, it would be impossible to say whether the company??™s current budget or method for advertising was particularly effective, but one thing is for sure, Kudler??™s vision for getting online is genius. With print media quickly becoming obsolete and digital video devices giving us the power to fast forward commercials it is apparent that the future of advertising rests largely on the Internet. With online advertising and sales, her market would not be limited. She could focus on a bigger business from one location instead of rushing around California to serve a much smaller target group.
Another solution to the issues between time and management for Kathy Kudler is hoped to be solved by staffing. According to KFF??™s 2003 Strategic Plan, Kudler has already admitted that her ability to handle the managerial roles as tightly as before is no longer possible. She plans to hire more experienced buyers and managers for her new locations in Carlsbad and eventually San Francisco. This too will free up her time to lead the company more actively with the inspiration with which she began the company. Once she is able to get out of the daily details and back to the consumer, the possibilities for future inspiration would be endless.
Kathy Kudler is a visionary who is stuck in the car, driving around California, desperate to handle the daily details of her growing company. By hiring more experienced buyers and managers, and jumping into the success of Internet sales and advertising, she will not need to be so encumbered by the details and will likely have more opportunity to see the whole picture. With this refreshed inspiration, she will no doubt be the leader the company needs to continue its success.

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