Analysis of Ivory Trail Cover

The ivory trail is a novel written by victory keelngher. The front cover, with the use of various visual techniques indicates what type, and aspects of journey that the main character, presumably the boy on the front cover, is going to undertake. In the foreground we the the boy staring upwards , with a look of deep thought in his eyes, this can suggest he is going on an imaginative journey, it can also suggests that his journey is enlightening him, taking him to new and exciting places. The sand texture on his face enforces an imaginative journey, as they suggest freedom of an ambiguous trail, rather then a defined one. Show next on the vector reading path, suggesting again a journey of freedom is the spinx. The spinx while it suggests Egypt, a new exotic location, it can also symbolise mystery and the unknown, as the spinx is an icon for mystery and riddles. The black shadowing coving parts of every picture also suggests that the boy is to going to be travelling into the unknown, and that the desination is unclear. The sun rising in the background can not only suggests the new beginning of the journey, but also the enlightenment, and realisation one can experience on a journey, this links back to the boys widened eyes, staring upwards.
The exotic locations on the cover, such as the spinx and he temples can also symbolise adventure and physical travel. The work Trail in the title also suggests that the boy is going on a physical exploration. The word ivory can connotate that the journey is precious, as ivory is rare and expensive, however it is also illegal, this can suggests trouble or conflict that is going to arise in the journey, suggesting that journeys have ups and downs, and cannot always go our way. The sand trails on the boys face also appear to be tear trails, almost as if he were crying, which can on one hand suggest again trouble, challenges or pain, but on the contrary happiness, tears of joy. This again symbolising the mixture of emotions journeys can involve.