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American prison have a disparity of minority inmate population. Is this trend due to a higher rate of minority crimes or the manner in which the judicial system operates.
Shelden, Randall G.1
Review of Policy Research. Jan2004, Vol. 21 Issue 1, p5-12. 8p.
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922150 Parole Offices and Probation Offices
This article provides an overview of recent trends in imprisonment rates in America and introduces the articles in this issue of The Review of Policy Research. Incarceration rates have increased by more than 500 percent since the early 1970s and have now reached a rate of almost 700, higher than anywhere else in the world. The impact has been particularly hard on racial minorities, especially women (whose incarceration rate went from around 8 in 1975 to 59 in 2001). The “war on drugs” has been one of the main reasons behind the increases in imprisonment, along with the more general “get tough on crime” movement that began in the late 1970s. The articles in this issue center around how this recent trend in incarceration impacts the entire society, but especially poor communities. Several of the articles focus on race, age and gender as important variables, in addition to the tendency of the parole system to sort of “recycle” released prisoners back into the prison system.[ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]1
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I have been in the system for a number of years and I find that the Department Of Criminal Justice do have a long way to go without treating minority the way that the do in the prison system.. I plan to help change some of these things with my Foundation helping women coming out of prison.

My purpose is to show that we can help these people and brake down and show that the system can do better in how they give this people the sentence that they give them when most need treatment. I am write this to you so that you can see what I have known and found to bet just as bad as a child having no food. We should take a look at what the system is doing and see that it is all about money not for the people that the lock up yearly.

So yes this the way the American prison have a disparity of minority inmate population. Is this trend due to a higher rate of minority crimes, no it is not because there are all kinds of people commit this crimes it is the the manner in which the judicial system operates. that we the people stand up and do our duty and help cut down on people being put in prison and get more treatment center developed.
And I know just how the prison system can come to a place where we can get together and thats by putting so of that money back in the system

So in closing I ask for all of you to talk a look at what we can do to change things and help our system do a better job at training people for treatment, yes there are treatments on the inside but they most continue with those on the out said as well.

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