• Introduction

• Introduction:
According to the given case study H&M is one of the largest fashion retailer offering a different styles of brand which is quite famous now a days among ladies, men’s and kids. It’s opened in Sylvia park shopping center in very first time for the general public in NZ. The hype started outside at 7AM early morning. One of the unique things they offered a coffee or juice to the excited customers who stand first in the row. Hans Anderson who is the country manager of Australia and New Zealand proudly say that we are waiting for a long to be able to provide quality and fashionable products for our valuable customers at best price. (Anderson, 2016)
They are providing several brands such as H&M, COS, monk and other stories which have its own unique identity. They are offering many different styles and trends to their valuable customers with their own unique identity. According to given report in 2016, they have 4351 stores globally with offering all the brands to their valuable customers and 64 markets in six continents. In 2016, they opened 427 new stores globally for H&M market. The product they are offering is more sustainable. The main goal of the company is for 100% of the cotton in H&M range comes from sustainable sources by 2020.
• Purpose of the report:
One of the business concepts of H&M is, “fashion and quality at a best price”. They are offering a quality and fashionable products at best price to their valuable customers. According to H&M report they are present in many markets around the world and expanding their business continuously by giving best to the customers. During this season of solid extension, our achievement is like never before reliant on our people. They are judged on how we act and how we treat each other, our clients, our providers and other partners as we work together and collaborate with the world around us consistently. According to H&M way, it is a key that regardless of what our part is at H&M, they generally live as indicated by their qualities furthermore, rules and that they are largely great H&M part models in all that they do. According to H&M employees, when we work together “the H&M way” we do as such morally, sincerely and capably. They consistently support our providers furthermore, different business accomplices to do likewise. (Persson, 2016)